Not Another Nevan Lahart

Curated by Kate Strain

September 22 – October 15 2011

This exhibition is an unauthorised survey show of works by Nevan Lahart, and is presented without the involvement or permission of the artist. The objects on display, which include none of the artist’s actual art, consist of inaccurate copies, imitations, print-outs, and approximations of large-scale sculptural ideas.

Through the display of these surrogate artworks, NOT ANOTHER NEVAN LAHART seeks to question current conventions of exhibition-making in contemporary art. By subverting the usual curatorial routes associated with the presentation of artwork, the show side-steps the often hagiographic endeavor of display, in an effort to perform a lively critique of both the artist and the art-world.

With the blatant imitation of selected works comes a willful attempt to unsettle pre-conceived notions around art and the apparatus that keep it afloat. This methodology (after Triple Candie) directly addresses issues of authenticity and authority, and in doing so, seeks to question both the role of the curator, and the institutions that judge, classify, present and historicise art.

The exhibition simultaneously offers an indirect engagement with isolated works from Lahart’s oeuvre, through their obeisant bastardisation and subsequent misrepresentation. The show is focused exclusively around works that draw their comic potency from a reliance on existing art-historical narratives.

Nevan Lahart is an Irish artist of growing repute. His work often employs satirical humour and colloquial construction, in the pursuit of eliciting a wry commentary on society. He has exhibited at Dublin Contemporary 2011; Solus Nua, Washington DC 2010; RHA Gallery, Dublin 2010; the Tucson Museum of Art, Arizona 2009; Ding Dong! International Art Festival, Hamburg-Altona, Germany 2006; and the Irish Museum of Modern Art 2005.

The objects and installation produced for this project will be disassembled and destroyed or recycled after the exhibition, and will not be used, in any way, for the purposes of financial gain.

The project would not have been possible without the wealth of imagery and information gleaned from the artist’s extensive website –

Opening reception Thursday 22 of September at 7pm, music performed on the night by Rory Grubb and the Flood.

Full audio of conversation between Kate Strain(curator) and Rachael Corcoran (Soma) for Culture night 2011


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