No one belongs here more than you

Rachael Corcoran 

March 25th – April 17th, 2010.

SOMA Contemporary presents “No one belongs here more than you” an exhibition of video, drawing and installation by Rachael Corcoran. Opening reception Thursday March 25th at 7:00 pm, with music by Joe Harney.

Rachael Corcoran’s multimedia installations playfully and provocatively merge fantasy and reality. With her project for SOMA, the artist continues this direction in her work, realizing art that glorifies the ordinary, the mundane, the ugly and the awkward. “My aim is to challenge spectators to get beyond the familiar,” explains the artist, “with this exhibition I am seeking to re-imagine ordinary domestic space as an extension of mental landscape, illustrating the presence of fantasy even in the most practical activities. These works speak to the human need for private interiors and secrets and dissolve the boundaries between public and private, psychological and physical space, enveloping the viewer like a compelling invitation to play voyeur to someone else’s daydream. The exhibition invokes a dialogue between my world, my relationship with my environment and with others.” Probing both physical and psychological dimensions, her exploration of our senses and rituals are at once poetical, intimate and playfully entertaining, creating a dynamic relationship between artist, spectator and environment.

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