Everyone is an Audience

Curated by Claire Meaney and Mary Grehan

31st July to 21st August, 2010. Opens as part of the Spraoi Festival on 30th July at 7pm.

The exhibition, curated by Claire Meaney and Mary Grehan, asks the audience to do more than just look. Viewers are invited to dance, join in, answer questions, play games, be photographed, make things, vote, take shelter…..and so the traditional boundaries between artist and audience are challenged.

This exhibition features a range of diverse art experiences. Laura Fitzgerald considers the social and relational roles of art by photographing people’s eyes at close quarters. Brigid Teehan injects some fun into the gallery experience by inviting people to play with play dough. Aoife Casey invites the audience to interact with her performance that explores internal conflict and self acceptance. Aoife Flynn uses Victorian animation devices to look at the concept of ‘déjà vu’.

Jennie Moran has built an Intentionally Conspicuous Device that acts as a beacon and shelter. Andrew Dodds draws the audience into a socio-political terrain through playful participation in a craft-based activity. Bern Roche Farrelly invites participation by combining the familiar social dynamics of meal times with the playful structure of a board game. Libby Seward asks the audience to ‘dance like nobody’s watching’.

Fiona Hallinan prompts the audience to anonymously vote in response to certain questions and looks at notions of free market information exchange.  David Bickley creates a space filled with sound and images to instigate an emotional response from the viewer that will be measured via a bio-feedback monitor.

In the words of the curators ‘We wanted to curate a show that looks at the influence of community arts, collaborative arts and relational aesthetics on contemporary art trends whereby the audience has a creative say in the art making process. We wanted to demand more of the artwork than just being an object to be viewed and more of the audience than just looking.’

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