Wrecked; a temporary installation (Culture night 2010)

SOMA Contemporary with Waterford City Culture Night 2010 presents: Wrecked; a temporary installation.

Friday, 24 September 2010, 6-10.30pm

SOMA Contemporary is pleased to make possible a unique evening of temporary installation. Artists from surrounding studios, and other emerging artists will take part in the project, based on a creative consideration of the word “Wrecked” and its associated meanings. A first of its kind in Waterford, “Wrecked” celebrates the beauty and poetry of buildings and entities reduced to a ruined state. If we look closer into the broken and disordered parts or materials of something wrecked, we see its cast shadows, extraordinary production and form and abstract beauty. “Wrecked” spotlights the changing nature of the contemporary world and the hidden beauty in that which is wrecked. The temporary installation will be held on Friday, 24 September as part of Culture night, 6-10.30 pm.

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