Xmas Soup Collective

Xmas Soup Collective present

Donal Dineen  | Hector Castells  | John Haggis  | Tony O’Keeffe


Friday November 19th – December 4th

Exhibition of photography and visuals related to contemporary culture

Opening Friday November 19th at 7:00 pm with live music by Casanova Wave and DJ sets.

Exhibition features works by Donal Dineen, Hector Castells, John Haggis, Tony O’Keeffe, with a smoke and light show from Xmas Soup Collective.

Donal Dineen is an Irish radio presenter, photographer, film maker and former television presenter from County Kerry. He currently presents an assortment of electronica and world music on his Small Hours (formerly Here Comes the Night) late-night radio show on Today FM. He is also known for presenting the now defunct No Disco TV series on Network 2. He works on many projects with and in collaboration with Hector Castells and Xmas Soup Collective.

John Haggis is a Waterford based musician, producer and photographer. He is the co-founder of Granny it’s Okay to Experiment Record Company, working with such artists as Katie Kim, Deaf Joe, Percolator, House of Cosy Cushions, and Sweet Jane.

Tony O’Keeffe is a Waterford-based visual artist and photographer whose work takes inspiration from contemporary skate and music culture.

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