Hints of the Outside World

Carlos Amorales | Dorothy Cross | Caroline McCarthy | Gillian Wearing


30 June 2011 – 30 July 2011

An exhibition of works from the Irish Museum of Modern Art’s Collection opens to the public on Thursday 30 June at SOMA Contemporary to coincide with Waterford’s ‘Tall Ships Festival’. Reception will be held at 7:00pm.

Hints of the Outside World features some of the most noteworthy film works from the Collection of The Irish Museum of Modern Art; the exhibition includes work by artists Caroline McCarthy, Carlos Amorales, Gillian Wearing and Dorothy Cross. This exhibition showcases IMMA’s diverse collection, shown for the first time at SOMA. This collaboration between IMMA and SOMA is designed to create access opportunities to the visual arts in fresh and interesting situations and locations in Ireland. This show presents major works acquired by IMMA: Dorothy Cross’s world of imagination is rich, and her work Ghost Ship, shown as part of Hints of the Outside World pays homage to lightships which once marked the treacherous reefs around the Irish coast, but have now all since vanished. In her work, Sacha and Mum, Gillian Wearing embraces all at once therevealing and the enigmatic, the encouraging and the disquieting, the loving and the menacing; the work has only been shown a handful of times since acquisition. Caroline McCarthy’s video installation Greetings, presents us an exploration of extending and meddling with spacial limits, and Carlos Amorales features work which is personally anecdotal, yet open to the viewers interpretations of the narrative. These collated works set a new standard for SOMA and a baseline for its achievements in the future. Through the Museum’s National Programme the contribution of the IMMA collection to our Summer Programme facilitates the creation of an exhibition of a truly remarkable standard in SOMA.

Curator – Paul Hallahan

Assistant Curator – Rachael Corcoran


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